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Best Buy Auto Glass Warranty

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Best Buy Auto Glass is pleased to offer a 1 year warranty against leaks on all auto glass installations.  This warranty expires if you sell your vehicle.  Limitations which may void the warranty include leaks resulting from existing or subsequent rust damage, gasket deterioration, body/structural changes or failure to immediately report a problem.  Best Buy Auto Glass reserves the right to inspect all products and installations prior to authorizing any repair or replacement.  Best Buy Auto Glass will respond to any warranty situation promptly; therefore, any water, moisture or other damage to the vehicle is the responsibility of the vehicle owner.  Any claim must be reported immediately.  Failure to do so will nullify the warranty.  All warranty work must be done at our location:  2000 Kipling Street, Lakewood, CO 80215 (303-234-9200).


Installation of Glass Supplied by Customer


Best Buy Auto Glass makes every effort to approach each installation in a professional and skillful manner using particular care and caution with customer supplied glass.  Best Buy Auto Glass offers no warranty against damage to, or breakage of any existing glass that requires removal, installation, leaking, or adjustment of itself or any related component.  In the event of breakage, Best Buy Auto Glass will offer replacement service at competitive prices (subject to availability.)




Limited Windshield Repair Warranty


A windshield repair is basically designed to prevent small "bulls eye" breaks from spreading or becoming larger.  The break area will become lighter and less noticeable; however, it will not completely disappear.


Sometimes in the process of repair, the windshield will crack and we cannot claim responsibility for that occurrence.


Once the repair is complete, we guarantee it not to crack or "run out."  Should it happen to "run out" we will credit the repair charge towards a replacement windshield.


If you are dissatisfied with the repair, Best Buy Auto Glass will apply the cost of the repair to your purchase of a new windshield.  The new windshield must be purchased and installed by Best Buy Auto Glass.  If your insurance company paid for the repair, any credit will be applied to the portions of the charges to be paid by the insurance company for the new windshield.


This right is non transferable and applies as long as you own the vehicle on which the repair was made.


For all Window Tinting warranties, customers must have registration card filled out.


No guarantee on used glass.  We guarantee our workmanship and materials.  If problems arise, please call promptly.


No Guarantee on Electrical Devices.